Grooming Services

Grooming Services


 Due to the “National Rise” in the minimum wage, prices have gone up $2 -$6 depending upon breed and size.


Grooming prices depend wholly on the size and condition of the animal and what is being done during the grooming process. A general rule of thumb can be given but dogs vary so much in size, coat and condition within any one breed that it is difficult to apply one set price for all.

Services can generally be divided into three categories, Bath, Feet and SaniFull Grooming and Bath and Nails. All dogs will be washed at least two times, anal glands expressed if needed, conditioned if needed, hand dried and  brushed or de-shed. Cats are washed three to five times to get rid of the natural glandular oil excreted which makes the lower back and tail greasy, kennel dried in ten minute intervals or hand dried if possible and de-shed or combed out.

The Bath, Feet and Sani service on dogs is, usual washing, drying and brushing, sanitary clip, feet trimmed, legs lightly shaped, in between the eyes clipped, face lightly shaped, bangs trimmed and underside  lightly shaped, nails clipped, ears plucked and cleaned. Cats are washed, dried and brushed as usual, sanitary area clipped, foot pads trimmed, nails trimmed and ears cleaned.

The Full Grooming service on dogs is, usual washing, drying and brushing, full body clip, all of the basics mentioned above except the hand scissoring finish is more intensive and fine tuned. Cats are washed, dried and brushed as usual, clipped to the extent they will allow from the shoulder blades back and as far down the leg as they will allow and tail if needed or requested, and the same basics as mentioned above.

The Bath and Nails service on dogs is, usual washing, drying and brushing and or Furminating, ears cleaned and nails clipped. This service is exclusive to short haired breeds which do not need clipping of any kind. Cats are washed, dried and brushed as usual, ears cleaned and nails clipped. 

Prices reflect 1Bath, Feet and Sani or bath and Nails, and 2: Full Grooming respectively.

Small breed dogs with hair that grows, Yorkies, Maltese, Shih-Tzu, Pomeranian, Mixed Breed, Schnauzer, Wire Hair Terrier (etc.) Pug, Min Pin, Chihuahua, Rat Terrier, Boston Terrier (etc.): Chihuahuas start at $15.00- $20.00

Starting price 1: $25.00 – $30.00          2:$40.00 – $45.00           

Larger or thick haired small breed dogs or dogs with fancy clips and cleaned feet, Cockapoo, Poodle, Lhasa Apso, Bichon Frise, larger of the breeds above (etc.):

Starting Price 1:$30.00 – $35.00          2:$45,00 – $55.00       

Small medium breeds Cocker Spaniels and larger Cocker mixes, Brittany Spaniel (etc.):

Starting price 1:$35.00 – $40.00          2:$50.00 – $60.00         

Medium sized breeds, Springer Spaniel, mixed breed:

Starting price 1:$40.00 – $45.00          2:$55.00 – $65.00          

Large breed dogs, Airedale, Gordon Setter, mixed breed(etc.), Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, mixed breed (etc.):

Starting price 1:$45.00 – $55.00          2:$60.00 – $80.00

Large breed dogs, Standard Poodle, Portuguese Water dog, Kerrie Blue (etc) Great Dane, Kuvas (etc):

Starting price 1:$55.00- $65.00            2:$70.00 – $80.00

Large breed dogs, Standard Poodle, Portuguese Water dog, Kerrie Blue (etc.) Great Dane, Kuvas (etc.):

Starting Price 1:$50.00 – $60.00           2:$70.00 – $90.00

Cats, short hair: Bath and De-Shed:

Starting Price :$30.00 – $35.00

Cats, Long hair: Bath and Brush or Lion Clip:

Starting Price 1:$35.00 – $40.00 or 2:$50.00 – $70.00
At Pinkiepoo there is no charge for Flea Baths or regular Oatmeal Baths however we do carry some specialty products which are costly and do have an extra charge, you may request these products at the time of your grooming appointment. Pinkiepoo does not use any products which are abrasive to the dogs, cats or the environment. Pinkiepoo does not use any toxins, all of our shampoos are natural and pesticide free. Pinkiepoo does not DIP animals in poison.  Pinkiepoo offers flea drop applications for an extra charge, please inquire at the time of your grooming appointment.

In-Home service from Pinkiepoo has been discontinued due to the amazing growth of the salon since it opened in June 2010. We hope to re-establish the service at sometime in the future but for the time being, all business will be conducted at the salon location.


Homeward Bound clients will receive a one time 10% discount for all adopted pets. Permanent foster dogs from Homeward Bound will get an ongoing 10% discount on grooming services (Excludes Flea Drop application).
Law Enforcement dogs will receive a 10% discount on grooming services (Excludes Flea Drop application).

Please note: Special offers and discounts are only available through Pinkiepoo and it’s employees. Special offers and discounts are not available with all stylists.  Clients of independent stylists may not be eligible for Pinkiepoo’s  special offers and discounts.
Please check with Victoria to see if your discount is available.
Note: Prices will vary depending on size and condition of your dog or cat. Pinkiepoo DOES NOT perform extensive dematting, it is inhumane.

Do you need quality food and products? Pinkiepoo and Launder Dog have teamed up to bring you the best possible care for your pets. Many skin and health issues can be addressed with a good balanced nutrition using corn and wheat free foods, cookies and supplements. For food, flea control, grooming tools and products, collars and leashes, bedding, travel solutions, specialty items and more, go to

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  • Dana Moore


    Dawn is amazing! She handled my big baby Amstaff-mix as if she was her own! We will definitely be back. Thank YOU!!!!


  • Karen Fuson


    Pinkiepoo groomers are amazing and BEAR and I highly recommend them! Once you give them a try you will have your groomer for life!! My dog is so afraid to go to thee groomers he feel off a table at a mobile groomer….Victoria the owner takes care of BEAR and now he is so happy going to Pinkepoo we love Victoria she is awesome thanks for all you do! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 🙂


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