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Pinkiepoo is dedicated to providing you with an excellent service with respect, courtesy and professionalism.


 Victoria Beals:

Pinkiepoo is the labor of love of one woman, Victoria Beals. Victoria has 21 years experience in the pet grooming industry and has worked in the Sacramento/Carmichael area for most of those years. She started out in Citrus Heights in 1992 at B. Elegant. From there she worked at many places including Breeders Corner and The Animal House in Roseville. Victoria used to go and watch Anne Martin hand scissor dogs in return for washing a few pets at Jubilans, which ironically is now the home of Pinkiepoo. While living out of state Victoria worked at Urban Pets in New York and also Le Pet Spa down in Battery Park City. Upon her return to Sacramento, Victoria managed the grooming department at Launder dog until she returned to the salon she ultimately worked at on and off for 15 years, Michelle’s Pet Boutique. Victoria has served the grooming industry in many roles, bather, groomer, self serve management, grooming management, doggie daycare and groomer training to name but a few. Victoria has always had an aptitude for fine tuned grooming and hand scissoring and has honed and perfected her skills over the years. She is familiar with all breeds and coat types and has the knowledge and skill to bring out the best results depending on the type and condition of the animal’s fur.

Here’s what Victoria has to say about her chosen profession and about Pinkiepoo:

“I started out as a bather in a busy salon and was trained in to the profession, in those early days it was really just a job in a failing economy. The first Gulf war had just broken out and I was glad to be working. Over the years I had my trials with grooming, it’s a physically demanding job and requires the utmost patience and calm, what can I say, I was wild when I was younger, but I stuck with it over the years and developed a real love for the profession. I still love going to work every day, how many can say that? It is challenging and tough, grueling at times, but the rewards are beyond measure. No stuffy office or boardrooms for me, I get to interact with God’s love in a genuine and honest way, every day.

I dreamed about having my own Salon, I wanted it to be warm and soft and cute, like a salon should be. I dreamed about all of the things I thought would be better, based on all of my experiences working at other Grooming Shops. I listened to my customers over the years, I heard their complaints about other shops and other stylists and I wanted to remedy those things in my own place if it were possible. There are some things you just can’t help, holidays are busy and pets end up being at the salons for longer than usual, but why does a small breed dog have to be there 6 or 8 hours in normal times? I felt that better customer service and better scheduling could solve those issues. Over time I found my groove, as it were, and I can get beloved pets out and home in a more reasonable amount of time without having to compromise my personal quota for the day. Of course, things will go awry, we are dealing with living, breathing beings and it’s not an exact science, but I have found that courtesy and communication are all that are needed to soothe the fears of my customers.

I wanted to provide a safe and sound workplace for my Stylists. I saw what didn’t work and what did. I believe there can be no favoritism in the workplace, that all employees should be treated fairly and equally. Anyone working for me will be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, and will be upheld to good and honest standards in the workplace.

I love what I do and I want Pinkiepoo to be as stress free and comfortable a place as a salon can be. I hope that when my customers enter with their four legged family members, they can feel the security of quality and professionalism at Pinkiepoo. In this industry, word of mouth is the way our business grows. I will give my customers every reason to refer Pinkiepoo to their friends and family, associates and colleagues, and just the folks they see around town who may stop to ask where they got such a nice grooming job. I always offer my customers a $5 rebate for every referral they give me. It’s just good business.

I hope that, as a customer, you find your experience at Pinkiepoo to be a positive and pleasurable experience, and that as you sit down at night with your beloved pets and see how beautifully and thoroughly they have been groomed, that you will pause to say, ‘Yes, I do like this Pinkiepoo place’.”


Pinkiepoo opens at 9 am, early drop off available with prior arrangement. Please call for the daily times.
Pinkiepoo closes between 3 and 5pm as per the days appointments. Please call for the daily times and pre arrange late pick-ups.


Pinkiepoo is a drug free working place and employees are expected to adhere to the rules. No exceptions, no excuses. Any persons coming to work under the influence of drugs will be terminated immediately. All independent stylists will be contracted to be drug free.



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